The Best 10 Police Games On PS4 And PS5

Prosecution, investigation, cinematic action, twisted moralities, and dark stories should be part of the best police games on PS4 and PS5.
Often, we play as the ragtag, the rebels, the enemy of the authority. The other side of the coin also has much to offer gaming-wise. Both the plot and the gameplay offer memorable experiences.
And that’s exactly what we’re looking for, something to remember. What are the best police games on PS4 and PS5? 
Selecting Police Games on PS4 and PS5

Our goal is to share games where you can play as the police.

Controversial Theory: Ancient ‘Hobbits’ Are Still Alive

(Newser) – A hobbit-like human species has survived for hundreds of thousands of years in the forests of a remote island—and is still surviving. That’s the stunning theory of a retired anthropologist, who believes sightings of an “ape-man” on Indonesia’s Flores island could signal that so-called hobbit human Homo floresiensis never went extinct. Evidence of the roughly 3.5-foot-tall ancient hominin with an unknown place on the human family tree was first discovered in Flores’ Liang Bua cave in 2003.